Helping Create Retirements: When Work Does Not Feel Like Work

Most of my career was spent in the fashion industry. Like so many young people, fashion and beauty was sort of an extension of what I loved in my social life. It was fun and fast and exhilarating. And, though it was riddled with incredible experiences, it always felt like work. 

I briefly modeled for Saks Fifth Avenue where I had the opportunity to meet fashion designers and their reps. When I was asked to be a rep for a line or two, the entrepreneur in me was born. I traveled all over the country and spent time in New York. I loved it but my love quickly faded. I grew tired of traveling so often. 

Shifting to a more local scene, I worked for major cosmetic companies and a regional magazine as well as a TV station. That was also a fun time but it still felt like work. 

Helping People Make Good Financial Decisions and Create Retirements

It was not until I found finance that I realized when you truly love what you do, work does not feel like work! I love getting up every morning to do what I do. 

Rule of 72, compound interest, create retirements
Rule of 72 and Compound Interest

The reason I love finance is because most families really need help navigating in the financial world. When I teach concepts like the Rule of 72 and Compound Interest, I can see light bulbs coming on for people. They get so excited to understand these ideas… you know, interesting ideas like Tax-Free Retirement

Teaching people various ways to grow and protect their money has become such a passion that I feel like the luckiest gal around that this is really what I get to do with my time. I get to help these folks create retirements they only dreamed of. Work does NOT feel like work anymore. 

I deeply enjoy helping people make good decisions and create retirements that can actually last a lifetime. 

Changing your relationship to finances and investing in the right things will absolutely alter the course of your life.

Not only am I finding I can change the lives of my customers, but I can help others find their passion for finance by growing my team and thus create retirements ad infinitum.

I have some exciting news to share with you soon. Stay tuned!

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