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Student Loan Debt: Preventing You From Investing in Your Future?

I’m Ready to Invest – But My All Extra Money Goes to Student Loans

If this is you, you are not alone. In fact you are one of 42.3 million people who owe money on a student loan. Student loan debt now totals around $1.5 trillion in our country. 

If you feel like you are in a hamster wheel working only to make payments on your student loan debt, I have some good news for you. 

There is hope. 

I am excited to tell you about a client who, like you, was drowning in student debt. She was ready to set up investments for retirement, but all of her money was going to her student loan payments. She felt hopeless. 

So, I sent her to my partner, Larry Morrison. He was able to save her $500 a month for 10 years on her college loan. That is $60,000 that she can now invest and start to grow wealth! $60,000!

Larry Morrison has helped many others like my client free up money that was previously going to student loan debt. You are probably asking – who is Larry Morrison and can he help you?

Meet Larry Morrison, the Founder of College Loan Freedom. He started his company because he saw a solution for the Student Loan Crisis and he couldn’t find anyone who was implementing this solution.

“We decided to remove fear, confusion and complexity surrounding the 

subject of student debt. Our goal is to understand, guide and 

educate anyone who turns to us for advice.”

Larry and his team truly believe that every student loan problem has a solution and that everyone deserves relief from the burden they are carrying today. They are proud to be at the top of their field. By thoroughly understanding the system, they can guide anyone towards their freedom.

If you have student loan debt, I would recommend talking to Larry and his team. Here are the steps to relief: 


First, you will contact them for a free one-on-one consultation. They will  go over all of your options and show you real-world strategies for student loan relief that  90% of people do not take advantage of.


They will then make your student loan payments as low as humanly possible so that you can use your money when it is most valuable: right now.


Larry and his team have a solution to clear student loans from your credit reports and improve your debt to income ratio.


Finally, they will move you into the correct student loan forgiveness program – one that will create a light at the end of the tunnel and restore hope for your financial future.

Can you imagine freeing up some of the money that is going to your student loan payment? What would you do with the extra money? Watch this short video on college planning and make your student loan debt never even materialize.

I have another client who found freedom from the shackles of student loans. She and her husband are both doctors. They were paying $1500 a month in student loans. After meeting with Larry, their payments dropped to $500 a month . They were able to take the extra money and invest it. That is $120,000 a year for 10 years! Imagine how that money will grow. 

It would be my pleasure to give you a personal introduction to Larry. I am really impressed with the ways he has helped my clients. If you struggle with student loan debt, call me directly so that I can connect you with Larry Morrison and get you on a path of freedom.

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