Texas Hill Country Financial Educator

I am proud to serve as Agency Vice President at Five Rings Financial. My passion is helping Middle American families turn their dreams into reality by crafting realistic financial plans. So many people believe that investing in the future and protecting your family is only for the wealthy. It is simply not true. As a Texas Hill Country Financial Educator, I teach concepts and solutions that drastically change the way you live and retire – regardless of your income.

Above all else, I value purposeful relationships and authenticity. Serving people when operating from a place of Giving changes the dynamic. It allows me to stay authentic. So my goal is not about selling. My goal is to build relationships and educate women and families about growing and protecting wealth. I essentially teach people what they could have learned in school (if schools taught finance).

In addition to empowering people through financial education, I love animals, spending time with my family, practicing yoga, and paddleboarding. I absolutely love living in the Texas Hill Country and am endlessly grateful for all of the wonderful connections I have made here.

Whether it’s Living BenefitsTax-Free RetirementMortgage ProtectionIUL for KidsBusiness PreservationFixed Indexed AnnuitiesEstate Planning, or more, set up a quick call with me or come out to our next event